Stock indices rose amid positive signals from China and the US -
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Stock indices rose amid positive signals from China and the US

Stock indices rose amid positive signals from China and the US

US President Donald Trump is due to meet with Chinese President in early October. Financial markets are actively responding to any shifts in Washington-Beijing relations. The trade standoff has been going on for more than a year and it’s hard to predict the actions of both parties.
A positive signal for the markets was that China is ready to buy more American agricultural products. The country has already levied tariffs on selected US companies that sell soybeans.
America, for its side, has also abolished part of the duties and so far is not going to introduce additional tariffs.

The stock market is growing rapidly thanks to the truce between the US and China.

During trading sessions on Monday, September 23 the Dow Jones 30 index rose 0.6%, the S&P 500 by 0.5%, and SSE by 0.9%.

Economic calendar:
Technical analysis:
Apple’s stock price remains above support at 216.50, the key resistance level since October 2018.
The current trend maintains a strictly upward trend aimed at reaching the next resistance level of 232.34.
Coca-Cola shares formed a new extreme price as part of an uptrend, at a price of 53.87.
The dynamics of trading in Coca-Cola shares continues to be positive, indicating the prospect of price recovery to the resistance level of 55.80.
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